Second #EuropeanTownHall Meeting in Warsaw

Das Progressive Zentrum together with its Polish partner, Ferdinand Lassalle Centre for Social Thought, will host the Polish-German #EuropeanTownHall Meeting, an open debate with Manuel Sarrazin – Member of the German Bundestag and Vice-Chairman of the Polish-German Parliamentary Group, concluded with an input by Paul Mason – British broadcaster and author.

The event on the 12 February 2018 will focus on the state of democracy today: dealing with populism and developing democratic innovations. The sessions will strive to answer questions about the key causes of emerging populist tide in Poland and in Europe: Where the demand for populist platforms comes from? The event will serve also as a platform for creative, interdisciplinary and international exchange on democratic innovations: How to develop approaches which can respond to the liberal democracy’s crisis?


The conference is part of a project called “DIALOGUE ON EUROPE – Rebuilding trust and redefining Europe in tough times”, launched in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office: a two-year transnational dialogue process with promising thinkers and activists from around Europe. Seven Town Hall Meetings were subsequently held in Athens, Lisbon, Rome, Marseilles, Madrid, Warsaw, and London. The Warsaw event is supported by the Foundation for Polish-German Co-operation.




About Das Progressive Zentrum 

Das Progressive Zentrum is an independent thinktank and politcal network that is based in Berlin. It was founded as a non-for profit initiative in 2007 on the strong belief that new progressive and impact-oriented answers are needed against the backdrop of rapidly changing societies, economies, and technologies in Germany, Europe as well as North America. We see it as our responsibility to try and shape the many on-going processes of change and transformation in a more progressive, inclusive – and at the same time, economically viable – direction. This quest is particularly acute regarding the future of our democracies. The currently on-going right-wing populist backlash is a grave and important reminder that social and political progress cannot be taken for granted. At the same time, our political institutions are faced both with increasingly complex decision-making and new demands for participation and legitimization. While democratic actors often appear helpless in the face of these challenges, academics debate potential solutions in the comforting environment of their ivory towers.

Press Contact 

Maria Skóra, Projektmanager, Das Progressive Zentrum 


Michelle Deutsch

published on

6 February 2018