Our Societies after Corona

What’s at stake – six scenarios for 2025

After the Corona crisis ends, it is unlikely that our societies will completely return to the “old normality”. What are the windows of opportunities brought to us by this crisis? Authors of the Strategy Paper for the Progressive Governance Digital Summit 2020 introduce us to six possible scenarios for the year 2025.

A month ago, the Progressive Governance Summit 2020 took place in the digital space due to the Coronavirus pandemic  – and not in Berlin as originally planned. How the world functions changed (and is still changing) every minute, we are constantly facing new challenges, but also opportunities.

What some of the opportunities could look like, is described by more than 20 contributors in a strategy paper, which served as a basis for discussion at the PGS 2020 conference.


PDF: What's at Stake: Our Societies after Corona. Six Scenarios for 2025 The six scenarios for 2025 (New Golden AgeVarieties of LocalismRadical IndividualismWelfare TechnocracyNational Populism, and School Trip) are by no means predictions of the future, they are instruments that might help with imagining possible futures. They describe turning points, opportunities seized and opportunities missed. As a whole, the scenarios illustrate the urgency for progressive action. The goal was to examine the possibilities and dangers of different scenarios, and to develop robust strategies for action.


What’s at Stake: Our Societies after Corona. Six Scenarios for 2025. Dr. Max Neufeind et. al.

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The next months will decide if progressives can be successful in winning the public argument over how to interpret the crisis and the challenges it reveals.

Progressives must set out to lead the renewal of our society out of the crisis. Towards more democracy, a new economic order and a fresh start for the multilateral project.

This will only work if we can activate and inspire the centre of society to collaborate on a worthwhile future. Progressives need to embark on leading the renewal of our society out of the crisis. This will not be possible without a network between countries, and also across party lines.


About Progressive Governance Digital Summit 2020


The PGS 2020 took place from the 15th till the 19th of June 2020. The central objective of the summit was how to achieve international solidarity in times of crisis. Solidarity was also the normative guideline for the breakout sessions, workshops, and leader’s panels of #PGS20, in order to prioritize common solutions to the crisis. Further, the aim was to support the weakest and vulnerable and their communities at the local, national, and global level.

Find out more about the PGS 2020 at its website.


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Max Neufeind

published on

27 July 2020