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Our New Visiting Fellow: Ophélie Omnes

Supporting the programme International Dialogue

In July 2020, Ophélie Omnes joined the International Dialogue programme as a Visiting Fellow. At Das Progressive Zentrum, she hopes to contribute to Franco-German friendship and strengthen the European public sphere.

I think the European Union is at a crossroads, emphasized by the Coronavirus-crisis and I am glad to contribute to the debate on the institutional reform of the EU, especially with the Conference on the Future of Europe coming up. I also think that the German Presidency of the Council is a great opportunity to discuss the role of the Franco-German friendship and the strenghtening of a European public sphere (through media, civil society projects, etc.) in this changing context.

What is your drive, when it comes to politics?

“Change! Whether that is at EU level or on national topics, we need to find new ways of engaging with the people on political issues and make them feel like they are part of it and they have a say which can help society develop in a positive direction. As progressists, we need to claim back the right to talk to “real people” and give them the tools to understand and change the world around them for the better.”


What are you striving for?

“The time has come for the progressives to acknowledge that the EU cannot keep on fixing things without starting a real reflection on its institutional structure and explore and develop our thinking on the concrete solutions that can be provided to decision-makers.”


Ophélie Omnes is President of the French chapter of the European Federalists. She is a French qualified lawyer with experience gained in Paris, Brussels and Luxembourg. As Visiting Fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum, she works in the International Dialogue programme, on the topics of the institutional architecture of the European Union, the role of Franco-German friendship and the creation of a European public space. Omnes has been an activist in the federalist movements since 2010, being active on both national and European levels, focusing, among other things, on the institutional reforms needed at EU level and transnational cooperation. She has been leading several diversity-focused projects in politics and business, including the JEF task force on “Empowerment & Diversity” (since 2017) and the “Diversity and Inclusion” Luxembourg group of a global law firm in 2018 and 2019. She is always happy to take part in a panel – or moderate it – and to coordinate projects.

Ophélie Omnes

Tereza Novotná

published on

11 August 2020