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A new Office Space for numerous new Ideas and Projects

Celebrating the Opening with Friends and Supporters
Foto: DPZ

In addition to updating our virtual space we have used the summer recess to update our physical space too. And so, since the 1st of September, we have significantly expanded our office space in the Werftstraße in the heart of Berlin. In addition to numerous new work spaces, we now also have another large conference room available for our use and for very different event formats.

This is a very important step for us because Das Progressive Zentrum is not only a space for progressive ideas, but also a physical place for encounters and for exchange – and it is a place which extends beyond the boundaries of parties, sectors and countries.

At the opening ceremony on 11th of November Hubertus Heil, Deputy Chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, welcomed some 150 supporters and contributors to Das Progressive Zentrum. “We should accept reality and not slip away into our dreams”, the high-profile Handelsblatt newspaper quoted the words of welcome spoken by Heil, in their report on the event. With that contribution he underlined the need to stand up for and advocate progressive, social and, at the same time liberal politics, even in difficult times. In the same vein Heil also referenced the former Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, who had died the previous day, saying we can consider ourselves his heirs.

In recent weeks and months Das Progressive Zentrum has initiated several projects intended to showcase where we can work together to make a difference. Be it ideas on the future world of work in the DenkraumArbeit project, how to handle f right-wing populism in the project TruLies or the question of how we can make our parties more attractive and viable for the future – Progressives should face these challenges head-on, and provide appropriate, up-to-date answers.

Indeed, these are difficult times – but all the more important, then, are those people who work to change the status quo, Hubertus Heil emphasised. All the more we are thrilled by the many inspiring and encouraging conversations we held on that opening night – and even more by the many encounters, ideas and impulses which will follow in and out of these new premises in the coming weeks and months.

Dominic Schwickert

Event Date

11 November 2015


Das Progressive Zentrum, Berlin