New EU-Survey: What EU policies do citizens expect from the next German government?

Study with representative survey by Johannes Hillje and Dr. Christine Pütz

As the general elections in Germany draw nearer, Angela Merkel’s time as Chancellor, and thus an era of German EU policy-making, is coming to an end. A new German government will step onto the EU policy stage. This year’s “Actually European!?” study examines the expectations that citizens have of the next German government’s EU policy. Moreover, the long-term study, now in its third year, surveys what Germans perceive to be the country’s role within the EU.


Selbstverständlich europäisch! 2021 Cover mit SchattenActually European!? 2021: Citizen expectations of the next German government’s EU policy (German)

A study by Johannes Hillje and Christine Pütz

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Executive Summary

Actually European!? 2021: Citizen expectations of the next German government’s EU policy

A study by Johannes Hillje and Christine Pütz

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About the authors

Johannes Hillje is a political and communications consultant in Berlin and Brussels. He advises institutions, parties, politicians, companies and NGOs. For the 2014 European elections, he worked as campaign manager for the European Green Party. Previously, he worked in the communications department of the UN in New York and in the editorial department of ZDF. In 2017, he published the book “Propaganda 4.0” (Dietz Verlag). Hillje holds a master’s degree in Politics and Communication from the London School of Economics and a master’s degree in Political Science and Journalism from the University of Mainz.

Dr. Christine Pütz is a European Union Officer in the EU/North America Department of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Until 2007, she worked at research and educational institutions such as the Centre Marc Bloch (Berlin), the Mannheim Center for European Social Research and CEVIPOF in Paris. The focus of her work in science and political education is European and French studies as well as party research. Christine Pütz also offers training and coaching in the areas of communication and interviewing. Main areas of work at the Foundation: Future of the European Union, European Democracy and Franco-German Relations.


The study is a project of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in cooperation with Das Progressive Zentrum.


Christine Pütz

Johannes Hillje

published on

15 June 2021