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Progressive Governance Leaders Debate & Party

With Maja Göpel, Robert Habeck, Marije Laffeber, Tim Ryan, Stephan Weil and others

Join us for the Leaders Debate and Celebrating Spring Party of the Progressive Governance Symposium 2019. The event takes place on 25 April 2019, starting at 5.30 pm.

Progressive Governance Leaders Debate

Building a transatlantic coalition for the BIG transformation

on 25 April 2019, 5.30 pm – 8.30 pm & subsequent party

at Kalkscheune, Johannisstraße 2, 10117 in Berlin


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Why we want to debate?

While the challenges facing progressives in today’s interdependent world are immense, so are the possibilities for change. Globalization has led to unprecedented opportunities, but its benefits have not been equitably shared – and inequalities across and within many countries have increased. The past decade’s financial crisis and its aftermath have eroded trust in political centrism, elites and institutions, contributing to the rise of right-wing nationalist and populist parties and endangering the liberal world order.

There is an imperative for progressives across Europe and North America to act now. We must respond to this huge political challenge by advocating a paradigm shift to a more sustainable and inclusive economic system. There are no easy answers for how this transition can be achieved, especially while many progressives face political and electoral difficulties. As a result of an apparent inability to channel the Zeitgeist, progressives on both sides of the Atlantic find themselves out of power as well as out of touch with younger generations and with people affected by far-reaching structural shifts.

This must change. We believe it is time for a revitalised conversation on common values, themes and strategies in order to rejuvenate the progressive movement, its governing philosophy, and its agenda of political and social progress.

Join us in this endeavour by participating in the Progressive Governance Leaders Debate.

Who is speaking at the Progressive Governance Leaders Debate

U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan is a recent entrant in the Democratic presidential race and so far is the first candidate for the Democratic Presidential Nomination to visit Europe. During his stay, he will present his vision for a new politics of standing up for the people and places left behind by economic change and of regaining trust and hope in times of re-emerging nationalism and populism.

To discuss the constituency for a revived progressive politics as well as the future of transatlantic center-left-partnership with Tim Ryan we are delighted to welcome these distinguished guests to join the conversation:

  • Anna Ekström, Minister of Education, Sweden (tbc)
  • Maja Göpel, Secretary General, German Advisory Council on Global Change and Policy Fellow, Das Progressive Zentrum, Germany
  • Robert Habeck, Chairman, Green Party, Germany
  • Tamás Harangozó, MP, Deputy Parliamentary Group leader, Hungarian Socialist Party, Hungary
  • Reiner Hoffmann, President, German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), Germany
  • Marije Laffeber, Deputy Secretary General, Party of European Socialists, The Netherlands
  • Jean Pisani-Ferry, Professor of Economics at Sciences Po Paris & the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, France
  • Stephan Weil, Prime Minister, Lower Saxony, Germany

The two debates will be chaired by Sudha David-Wilp, Senior Transatlantic Fellow and Deputy Director, Berlin Office, The German Marshall Fund of the United States, and Petra Pinzler, Journalist, German weekly DIE ZEIT.


During the debate, simultaneous interpretation (English-German) will be provided. After the debates, we will switch into get-together and dancing mode with our Celebrating Spring Party (“Frühlingsfest”), providing everyone with an opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas in an informal setting.


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Maria Skóra

Florian Ranft

Suzan Lara Tunç

Event Date

25. April 2019


Kalkscheune, Johannisstraße 2, 10117 in Berlin


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