Invitation: Winning Progressive Majorities When it Matters Most

A Transatlantic Dialogue on Strategy and Campaigning

The last five years have seen many political systems succumb to far-right parties and tendencies. Aggravating this threat are the current public health and climate crises. Progressive majorities are needed now, to remove the current authoritarians from power and to critically address systemic shortcomings. Join us to discuss how to win electoral majorities!

Three weeks before the election, what are the Democrats doing to win in November? Without victories in the US Senate and the House, it will be near impossible for Biden to implement his bold policy agenda. How can the Democrats win a progressive majority in urban to rural environments, in districts that are left of the mainstream Democrat to right of the Reagan Republican? Bernie Sanders is encouraging “coalition politics” – will this coalition be large and effective enough to win across the country, or, at least where it counts? 

On the other side of the Atlantic, progressives are closely watching the US election – not only because the fate of transatlantic relations is on the line, but also to analyze which political strategies, narratives and campaigns could win progressive majorities in upcoming elections.  This transatlantic exchange will discuss strategy and campaigns, in an earnest effort to sharpen progessive thinking on how to win progressive majorities in corners across the United States and Germany.

Join us for a transatlantic exchange with

Larry Cohen (Bernie Sanders Advisor and Chair, Our Revolution)


Bettina Martin (SPD, Member of the German Bundesrat)

on Tuesday, 13 October from 16:30-18:00 CEST // 10:30-12:00 EST. 


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Diego Rivas

Maria Skóra

published on

6 October 2020