What to expect from the conference?


During the one-day conference, an international community of innovators, experts, academics, and politicians will discuss and share ideas on how to innovate and revive our democracy.

Together, we will discuss how our democracies can adapt to changes in society and better respond to socio-economic, cultural, technological and ecological transformations.


Session formats


There will be three session formats to choose from during the conference. Please make sure you know which session you would like to attend before coming to the conference, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Innocracy Conference_Icon Collaborate



A facilitated workshop format which aims at working together on a question in a collaborative environment.

Duration: 1h


Innocracy Conference_Icon InspireINSPIRE

A short, catchy stage presentation followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

Duration: 0,5h


Innocracy Conference_Icon Debate


A flexible dialogue format: A flexible dialogue format aimed at exchanging and discussing ideas as well as gathering feedback.

Duration: 1h




Key Aspects of the Conference on Democratic Innovation




Our liberal democracies face a number of challenges today. We would like to present new findings and discuss ideas together as to how to innovate our democracy. Our objective is to overcome the status quo and give unconventional solutions a chance to be expressed and discussed.



Hände heben LogoENGAGING
Democracy is based on a collective effort from each of us. In this why we designed this conference to be as participatory as possible to give everyone the chance to express their ideas and allow for new perspectives to be voiced on each topic.




The conference aims at connecting the international community of innovators with German thinkers and doers, in order to facilitate future synergies. Our conference will offer space and time to network and individually discuss your ideas with your peers.




The key to a better future is to not only think about the problems our democracies are facing, but to solve them. We will therefore synthesize the outcome of our conference in a best-practice compendium with all the projects and ideas presented during the conference.
















































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