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Innocracy Conference 2018 | The Next Democracy

On 28 June, the Democracy Lab of Das Progressive Zentrum will host the second Innocracy – Conference in Berlin.


Traditionally, the main focus of liberal democracies has been to provide the framework for citizens to lead “good lives”, often with an exclusive focus on material prosperity. Economic prosperity and social mobility were at the core of the “social contract” and helped to legitimise the post-War political system.

Today, the ecological crisis and rising inequality fundamentally challenge this long-lasting political focus. In addition, automation and digitisation have a transformative impact on the labour market and the social system. The rise of authoritarian and illiberal movements demonstrates the vulnerability of liberal democracy, as they attack fundamental values of liberal democracy and put into question collective identities.

These challenges are fundamental. They require new answers – democracy will not be saved by defending the status quo. Thus, to preserve the achievements of democracy, we will have to rethink society in all its aspects. Innocracy 2018 invites you to confront the systemic challenges democracy must overcome in order to survive.

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Our thematic clusters




How must democratic institutions and structures change to serve citizens in times of fundamental transformation?





How can we re-integrate political and economic systems (i.e. democracy and capitalism) into the boundaries of our eco-system?





Which kind of governance does it take to make technological progress compatible with the “social contract”?





How can we create individual and collective identities that serve as drivers to build the next democracy?



Our Session Formats


Innocracy Conference_Icon Collaborate


A facilitated workshop format which aims at working together on a question in a collaborative environment.

Duration: 1-1,5h


Innocracy Conference_Icon InspireINSPIRE

A short, catchy stage presentation followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

Duration: 0,5h


Innocracy Conference_Icon Debate


A flexible dialogue format; You’re free to invite guests or have a discussion with the participants.

Duration: 1-1,5h


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Innocracy Conference 2018


Transforming Paradigms, Institutions and the Market

Thursday 28 June 2018
9.30 am – 6.30 pm
Kalkscheune, Berlin
Johannisstraße 2, 10117 Berlin

After the conference, Das Progressive Zentrum invites you to join the summer party of Das Progressive Zentrum at the same location (6pm-open end).

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Unfortunately, there are no spots left to participate at Innocracy 2018. However, if you would like to be on our waiting list send a mail to democracylab@progressives-zentrum.org.

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