Future of Democracy

Opening of the Democracy Lab of Das Progressive Zentrum

Foto: Jacob & Alex / Das Progressive Zentrum

On April 27th we celebrated the opening of the Democracy Lab. In the offices of Das Progressive Zentrum, circa 50 guests from the fields of politics, civil society and the media discussed what the future of democracy should be like.

Laura-Kristine Krause, manager of the Democracy Lab, presented the key concepts and mid-term goals of the Democracy Lab. „Nowadays, our democracies have become less comfortable than they used to be. Through the Democracy Lab, we want to provide a place where tangible ideas and practice-oriented recommendations will be developed – in order to strengthen and renew our democracies.“ The Democracy Lab understands itself as a platform and a space for network-building. We would welcome partners, project ideas and new allies.

Hanno Burmester, Strategic Lead of the Democracy Lab, challenged the audience to step out of their comfort zones and to recognize our Gestaltungsmacht – the potential to shape the world around us. „We cannot renew our democracy by simply adjusting little parts, but a multitude of changes and innovations are necessary“, said Burmester.

Through the Democracy Lab, Das Progressive Zentrum offers a space for creative, interdisciplinary and international exchange on the topic of democratic innovation.

Because we strongly believe: democracy needs inspiration, interconnectedness, and courage. And we need spaces for questioning, for new modes of thinking and for passionate debates.

Photos: Jacob & Alex / Das Progressive Zentrum


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