Anthology on Democratic Innovation

2017 | Laura-Kristine Krause, Hanno Burmester, Sophie Pornschlegel

INNOCRACY- Conference on Democratic Innovation took place at betahaus Berlin on 28 November 2017. The ideas formed to transform democratic systems – either by incrementally improving them or radically changing paradigms – are presented in this Anthology.

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Democratic systems need to be able to shape an increasingly complex world and respond to the socio-economic, cultural, technological, and ecological transformation processes societies are going through.

Both radical systemic transformation and incremental improvements are necessary to drive meaningful and constructive change.

During the „Innocracy — Conference on Democratic Innovation“, Das Progressive Zentrum’s Democracy Lab brought together 120 participants and 26 speakers from 12 countries, offering a stage to noteworthy ideas to exchange paradigms, rewrite ground rules for democracy, and improve existing processes.

The Anthology on Democratic Innovation presents a selection of the processes and ideas discussed during the Conference. You can download the PDF brochure below.

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published on

30. Dezember 2017


Zukunft der Demokratie