Foto: Frankfurt Finance Summit 2014

Prof. Dr. William E. Paterson

Circle of Friends

Prof. Dr. William E. Paterson ist Honorar-Professor an der Aston University, Vorstandsmitglied des Deutsch-Britischen Forums und Mitglied im Circle of Friends des Progressiven Zentrums.

Selected Publications

Paterson, W.E (2012). The Political Afterlifes of Geman Chancellors in Theakston, K. and De Vries ,J. (eds.) Former Leaders in Modern Democracies: Political Sunsets, Basingstoke, Palgrave, 101 -118.

Paterson, W.E (2011). The Reluctant Hegemon? Germany Moves Centre Stage in the European Union. Journal of Common Market Studies, Annual Review 49, 59-77.

Paterson, W.E (2010). Foreign Policy in the Grand Coalition. German Politics 19, 497-514


Europa & die Welt Debattenbeitrag Helmut Schmidt at 90 – A great European statesman
13. September 2008 | William E. Paterson

A clue to the measure of Helmut Schmidt’s greatness is that it cannot be captured by association with a single event or defined by a single quality. His stature and influence is multifaceted and rests on a range of human qualities which taken together give him a good claim to be the most impressive of Europe’s post-war leaders.