Prof. Dr. Tanja Klenk

Advisory Council

Tanja Klenk is a Professor of Public Administration and Public Policy at the Helmut-Schmid-University Hamburg. Her principal research interests lie in the field of the governance and administration of the welfare state and comparative social policy.

Selected Publications

Klenk, Tanja/Weyrauch, Philine/Haarmann, Alexander/Nullmeier, Frank (2012): Abkehr vom Korporatismus? Sozialversicherungen zwischen Staat, Markt und Verbänden, Frankfurt a. M.: Campus

Klenk, Tanja/ Pavolini, Emmanuele (Hg.) (2015): Changes in the Public Administration and the Welfare State: a comparative analysis of Western European countries. Cheltenham Glos: Edward Elgar.

Klenk, Tanja (2015): Special issue “The governance of welfare markets – how to cope with mobility and diversity?”, Journal for European Policy Analysis (1) 1, download unter spring-2015.

Klenk, Tanja (2015): “Accountability in practice. Organizational responses to public accountability claims”, International Journal of Public Administration 38 (13), 983-996.

Jantz, Bastian/Klenk, Tanja/Larsen, Flemming/Wiggan, Jay (2015): “Marketisation and varieties of accountability relationships in employment services: comparing Denmark, Germany and the UK”, Administration & Society, online first, doi:10.1177/0095399715581622.