Dr. Steffen Jenner

Policy Fellow

Steffen Jenner is a Head of Unit at the German Federal Ministry of Finance. As a policy fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum, he works on questions of energy, the economy, and political communication. Prior to working in government, Steffen studied in Tübingen, Arizona and at Harvard.

Selected Publications

Jenner, S.; Schmitz-Grethlein, F. & Uhlemann, A. (2017). "Das Stadtwerk der Zukunft." Berliner Republik 5/17.

Meckling, J. & Jenner, S. (2016). "Varieties of market-based policy: Instrument choice in climate policy." Environmental Politics Vol. 25 (5): 853-874.

Shrimali, G.; Chan, G.; Jenner, S.; Groba, F.; Indvik, J. (2015). "Evaluating Renewable Portfolio Standards for In-State Renewable Deployment." Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, 4 (2): 127-142.

Buhr, D.; Frankenberger, R.; Jenner, S. & Stoy, V. (2013). "Politik und Wirtschaft - eine Einführung." Kohlhammer, Stuttgart.

Jenner, S. & Lamadrid, A. (2013). "Shale gas vs. coal." Energy Policy 53 (2): 442-453.



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