Dr. Sabrina Schulz

Policy Fellow

Sabrina Schulz is executive director at the Berlin office of the KfW Förder- und Entwicklungsbank. At Das Progressive Zentrum she is a Policy Fellow in the program area Strukturwandel (structural change) and works on topics related to climate and energy, as well as, European topics in general. During earlier stages of her career, she lived in London, Brussels, Washington D.C. and Ottawa. She studied politics- and administration sciences in Konstanz, Louvain-la-Neuve and Potsdam and did her Masters and PhD in international politics at the University of Wales in Aberystwyth. Sabrina moderates processes, workshops and events and focuses on how we can fund the transformation towards a more sustainable economy and society.

Selected Publications

Schulz, Sabrina / Schwartzkopff, Julian (2018): Europäische Braunkohleregionen im Wandel. Herausforderungen in Deutschland und Tschechien. Heinrich Böll Stiftung Prag/ Deutsche Umwelthilfe: https://www.boell.de/de/2018/05/16/europaeische-braunkohleregionen-im-wandel

Schulz, Sabrina/ Schwartzkopff, Julian (2016): Erfahrungen mit dem Strukturwandel. Instrumentarium für einen sozialverträglichen Kohleausstieg. E3G Berlin: https://goo.gl/KLdvr4

Schulz, Sabrina/ Schwartzkopff, Julian (2015): Zukunftsperspektiven für die Lausitz: Was kommt nach der Kohle? E3G Berlin: https://goo.gl/2ajozC