Dr. Oliver Geden

Advisory Council

Dr Oliver Geden is Head of the EU/Europe Research Division at the German Institute for International and Securit Affairs (SWP), and Associate Fellow at the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society (InSIS), University of Oxford. Geden has been a Visiting Scholar at ETH Zurich and both at Oxford and Berkely. His research mainly focuses on European and international climate policy, and the quality of scientific policy advice. For the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC AR6) Geden has been selected as a lead author.

Selected Publications

Geden, O. & Scott, V. (2018). The challenge of carbon dioxide removal for EU policy-making. Nature Energy, 3(AOP)

Geden, O., & Löschel, A. (2017). Define limits for temperature overshoot targets. Nature Geoscience,
10(12), 881-882.

Geden, O. (2016). The Paris Agreement and the inherent inconsistency of climate policymaking. WIREs Climate Change, 7(6), 790-797.

Geden, O. (2015). Climate advisers must maintain integrity. Nature, 521, 27-28.

Geden, O., & Fischer, S. (2008). Die Energie- und Klimapolitik der Europäischen Union. Baden-Baden: Nomos-Verlag.