Ole Frahm

Ole Frahm Kommissarischer Geschäftsführer des Progressiven Zentrums. Promoviert in Internationalen Beziehungen in Berlin, studierte zuvor Philosophie, Politik-, Wirtschafts- und Europawissenschaften in Oxford, Bath, Paris und Berlin. Absolvierte Praktika im Auswärtigen Amt und beim German Marshall Fund in Ankara und arbeitet als freier Sportjournalist.


Europa & die Welt Debattenbeitrag Good Bye Musharraf
27. August 2008 | Ole Frahm

Musharraf is leaving. Maybe he is going to exile like so many politicians and generals before him in Pakistan’s short, brutal history. Maybe he will one day return to the political scene – also like so many others before him. While it’s too early to write an epitaph on the decade-long leader of the second biggest Muslim country in the world, it is high time to consider what Musharraf’s exit means for the future of international relations in the “Asiatic hemisphere”.

Europa & die Welt Debattenbeitrag South Ossetia – What on earth were they thinking?
14. August 2008 | Ole Frahm

Most of the fighting in the short and turbulent war in Georgia has ceased, President Medvedev has announced that his troops are going to withdraw and the last Georgian soldiers have retreated from their positions in the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. While the smoke is settling on the level of “high politics”, Germany and Europe are left to ponder the war’s consequences: their relations with Russia and the Caucasus, their stance on separatist minorities and their energy supply.