Martin Rieke


Was Visiting Fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum and worked in the project "Legitimation and self-efficacy: Impulses for the German party-democracy" from 2014 to 2015. Lawyer, publicist and consultant. Martin studied law and had temporary stays during his legal clerkship in Hamburg, Modena, Kempten and Munich. Lives as an He completed his interdisciplinary studies in Tucson, Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts. Frequently gives talks on society's internal and external control mechanisms.

Selected Publications

Rieke, M. (2013, November 27). Internet-Flatrates: Schaffen wir eine Internet-Kultur-Abgabe! Abgerufen 5. August 2015, von

Rieke, M. (2012, 30. August). Das Methusalem-Ultimatum. Abgerufen 5. August 2015, von

Rieke, M. (2012, 17. April). Deutschland braucht ein Kultus-Parlament. Abgerufen 5. August 2015, von



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