Manuel Gath


Project Manager at Das Progressive Zentrum from 2015 to 2018. Studied Political Management at the NRW School of Governance in Duisburg and wrote his MA thesis about programmatic cohesion in European Party Families. Gained practical experience i.a. at the Bundestag, the Hessian State Parliament, the European Parliament and the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology. He is regional president of the Young European Federalists.

Selected Publications

Gath, M., & Bianchi, M. (2015). The Duisburg Manifesto Approach (DMA) and the European elections 2014. In Die Europawahl 2014 (pp. 285–295). Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

Gath, M., Bianchi, M., Schoofs, J., Hohl, K., Jüschke, A., & Bender, S. (2014). Der Duisburger-Wahl-Index (DWI) zur Europawahl 2014. Policy-Positionen von CDU, CSU, SPD, Grünen, FDP, Linke, AfD und Piraten zur Europawahl 2014 im Vergleich. Retrieved from

Kaeding, M., & Gath, M. (2014). Die Europawahl 2014: Die verflixte achte Nebenwahl. Retrieved from



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