Alexander Reitzenstein

Visiting Fellow

Alexander Reitzenstein is a Berlin-based Policy Advisor with E3G, an international think tank operating to accelarate the global transition to a low carbon economy. As a Visiting Fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum he works in the programme "Structural Change and Inclusive Growth" on climate change, just transition and the transformation of the energy system. Beyond that Alexander is interested in sustainable finance and the Future of Europe debate. He studied public policy and economics in Berlin, London, Munich and Washington, DC.

Selected Publications

Reitzenstein, Alexander & Schulz, Sabrina (forthcoming). The story of German coal transitions, in: Just transition: social justice in the shift towards a low-carbon world. Pluto Press.

Reitzenstein, Alexander et al. (2019). The political economy of the low carbon transition in Romania and Bulgaria. E3G Report.

Reitzenstein, Alexander et al. (2018). A just transition for all or just a transition. E3G Discussion Paper.

Reitzenstein, Alexander (2018). The G7 Coal Scorecard. Decision time for coal in Germany. E3G Report.

Reitzenstein, Alexander et al. (2018). Funding the just transition to a net zero economy in Europe: opportunities in the next EU budget. E3G Report.



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