Adriana Cuppuleri


Was intern at das Progressive Zentrum in 2016. Studied in Bologna (Italy), Tartu (Estonia) and St. Petersburg (Russia). She graduated from the University of Bologna and holds a Master's degree in political science with a focus on post-soviet studies and a Bachelor's degree in Modern Languages and Literatures (English and Russian). Before joining Das Progressive Zentrum she gained practical experience at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in St. Petersburg and at the Embassy of Italy to Georgia.


Europe & the World Event #EuropeanTownHall Meeting in Rome Third stop of "Dialogue on Europe"
Event Date: 5 April 2016 | Rome, Italy
Philipp Sälhoff | Alban Genty | Adriana Cuppuleri

The first stops of our Dialogue on Europe in Athens and Lisbon were now followed up by a Town Hall Meeting in Rome on 5 April 2016. Once again, we invited representatives from civil society, NGOs, local initiatives, startups, think tanks, the cultural sector and from the media to gather and discuss the most urgent challenges Italy and Europe have to face presently, such as the reduction of youth unemployment or the refugee crisis.