After the Third Way: The Renewal of European Social Democracy

The political left believed the crisis of neoliberalism would play into its hands. The opposite has proved to be the case. No new variety of capitalism has emerged to fill the void and left-of-centre parties have lost 19 European elections to conservative and centre-right opponents since the fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008.Today, over 4 years after the onset of the crisis, voters are beginning to worry about the ‘strange non-death of neoliberalism’ (Colin Crouch) and the implications of widespread austerity programmes across Europe. But will this eventually translate into increased support for a social democratic alternative?

This panel discussion brought together 4 distinguished political figures that had a stake in the modernisation strategies of the mid-1990s to reflect on the on-going renewal of social democracy and delivering a credible progressive economy today.

Peer Steinbrück, SPD member of the Bundestag and former minister of finance

Peter Mandelson, former UK first secretary of state, business secretary and EU Trade commissioner, President of Policy Network

Alfred Gusenbauer, former chancellor of Austria and chair of the FEPS “Next Left” research programme

Pär Nuder, former minister for finance of Sweden

Chair: Anke Hassel, professor of Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance

Event Date

24. April 2012