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A new rapprochement seems urgently needed

Head of International Dialogue programme Maria Skóra in the IPS-Journal

Our head of the International Dialogue program Maria Skóra in the International Politics and Society journal about the cold relations between Germany, Poland and the EU.

“Under the 7-year long leadership of Prime Minister Donald Tusk […], Poland became a meaningful player in Brussels, sitting at one table with other eurostars, like Germany, France and Italy. Therefore, the victory of the national-conservative Law and Justice Party (PiS) in October 2015 came as a shock for the European community.”

Maria Skóra analysed the struggling German-Polish relationship and the collision course with the EU under the leading Polish political party the: Law and Justice Party (PiS). Jarosław Kaczyński, the PiS leader, openly voices distrust in Poland’s western neighbours by representing a strong anti-European sentiment. 

What is Poland’s Future – and Europe’s?


Moreover, Maria Skóra highlighted that Germany’s deep distrust of the current political elites in Poland – combined with its new geopolitical orientation – will not only harm the Polish-German relations long-term, but also affect European policies. 

Looking forward, Poland will face a presidential election in May 2020. The surprising victory of the opposition in the Senate during the October 2019 elections, gives many a glimmer of hope for the upcoming elections. The candidate of the United Left, Robert Biedroń, has already announced in his campaign inauguration speech that he will use his best efforts to end the feud with Germany and revitalise the Weimar Triangle of three European leaders. According to her, a similar approach will be expected by the candidate of the Civic Platform, the party of Donald Tusk. Finally, Maria Skóra argues that only time will tell whether and when a more optimistic scenario for Polish-German relations and the EU will materialise.


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Maria Skóra

published on

14 February 2020