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A New Promise for Europe

2013 | Olaf Cramme/ Arian Meyer/ Jo Ritzen

In their latest publication for our partner thinktank Policy Network, deputy chairman and co-founder of the Progressive Zentrum Olaf Cramme along with Arian Meyer & Jo Ritzen describe how the elections to the European Parliament can stop Eurosion.

Europe is in a state of “Eurosion”. The EU is gradually turning into a union of vague and abstract notions that risk ignoring the real social and economic aspirations of it’s citizens. Few attempts have been made to spell out an idea of progress that can capture the imagination of Europe’s citizens, many of which no longer regard the Union as a vehicle for positive change. Populism and euroscepticism have never had it so easy.

Yet there is still a chance to halt this Eurosion. In a new Policy Network paper, Olaf Cramme, Arian Meyer and Jo Ritzen set out a sharper alternative vision for Europe than that currently on offer. They do not consider Europe to be the new locus of government. The case for Europe should rest on providing indispensable levers and institutions to support individual countries in their own reform efforts, aiding the equitable creation of wealth and welfare across generations.

The authors urge pro-European reformers to rally around a new agenda that exhibits a greater clarity about policy priorities; a sharper view of where the EU can actually add real value; and a new institutional compromise that can increase the responsiveness of democratic politics in Europe. The paper makes proposals about how such a new agenda can be built in pursuit of full employment, less inequality and more greening.

About the Authors:

Olaf Cramme is director of Policy Network and a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics’ European Institute.
Arian Meyer is the secretary of the Vibrant Europe Forum and a sustainability entrepreneur.
Jo Ritzen is honorary professor of Maastricht University and Initiator of the Vibrant Europe Forum.

Dr. Olaf Cramme

published on

15. September 2013


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