The Progressive Zentrum is an independent think tank, founded in 2007 as a non-for profit initiative. In other countries, think tanks have long established a dynamic market for ideas and have become key players in public debates. Like all industrialised countries, Germany will need to find answers to the challenges triggered by the rapid socio-economic, cultural, technological and ecological transformations of the 21st century. Thus it can only benefit from a lively conglomerate of innovative institutions catering to the need for modernisation.

The Progressive Zentrum aims to:

– pursue a political agenda that promotes progressive politics and reform in Germany;
– shape a new understanding of progress – a new progressive narrative for a modern dynamic society, a just economy and a modern state of the 21st century;
– analyse future problems and develop progressive, scientifically based solutions;
– link discussions in Germany to international debates through bringing together key actors from academia, the media, business and politics;
– provide a platform for an international exchange of ideas, in particular for the next generation of progressive thinkers, researchers and policymakers.