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These are the days of miracle and wonder

13. Februar 2014_ Tobias Dürr
”These are the days of miracle and wonder” sings Paul Simon in the song ”The boy in the bubble”. And the German coalition between Sigmar Gabriel’s SPD and Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU is a kind of miracle. Read full article here.

Sigmar Gabriel's political miracle

25. Januar 2014_ Michael Miebach
Having experienced a resounding defeat in the recent German election, the SPD have maneuvered into a position whereby they can strongly challenge Angela Merkel from within the Bundestag. mehr

Can Sigmar Gabriel reboot Germany’s low carbon agenda?

21. Dezember 2013_ Harald Heubaum
Sigmar Gabriel has had a great week. In an unprecedented party poll on whether to form a "grand coalition” with Angela Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), an overwhelming majority of the centre-left Social Democratic Party’s (SPD) membership voted in favour of the choice advocated by Gabriel, their leader. mehr

Habermas versus Farage

10. Dezember 2013_ René Cuperus
The 2014 election campaign for the European Parliament sees Euro-realists squeezed between federal radicals and anti-EU-extremists. Our leading politicians are reluctant to come to the rescue. mehr

Recovering from trauma in the heat of Government?

20. November 2013_ Michael Miebach
The SPD faces the unenviable task of digesting its second worst result in its party history, while at the same time negotiating and then potentially governing in a Grand Coalition. mehr


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