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Letter from Berlin

6. März 2015_ Anke Hassel

The relationship between Greece and Germany has often been described as a game of chicken. Two teenagers in a car are heading towards each other. In a head on confrontation, the first to swerve would lose. If neither of them swerves, they both die. The only way to win is to tie yourself to an immovable position. That is why the newly elected Syriza government hammers on about its political mandate, on which it has to deliver.


Why Dresden?

2. Februar 2015_ Sabrina Schulz

The recent success of the PEGIDA movement spurs the debate on the current state of democracy in Germany. mehr

NATO: Losing Sight of ISIS?

1. September 2014_ Matt Browne and Brian Katulis

Tensions with Russia could dominate this week’s NATO summit. But the alliance should dedicate a significant part of its agenda in South Wales to the threats posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the wake of its stunning upsurge this summer. mehr

Why the United States and Europe should stand together

4. Juni 2014_ Matt Browne and Brian Katulis

President Obama’s trip to Europe is an opportunity to build on the vision he outlined in his West Point speech last week, and to set out a plan to renew the transatlantic relationship. This backbone of an alliance of liberal democracies across the globe, and the foundation of the post-war order, faces fresh challenges today. mehr

Germany: Haven of stability?

2. Juni 2014_ Michael Miebach
A closer look at the European election results reveals some worrying signals, especially from the perspective of the big parties CDU/CSU and SPD. mehr


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