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Divided and defeated? - The politics of a new social order

6 August 2010 Oliver Schmolke discusses the circumstances of the historic election debacle of the SPD. Presently, we face a political vacuum: The Social Democrats are still too weak; the "desired" coalition of Christian and Liberal Democrats has disenchanted itself and lost support in the polls. Mr Schmolke pleas for a renaissance of social-liberal ideas, as a regulation of financial markets, a new social balance between rich and poor and the further development of a functioning Global Governance are urgent tasks ahead. Read the Essay

Ahmed Rashid, the revealer of Afghanistan

9. August 2010 In the German daily FAZ, Nils Minkmar recommends Ahmed Rashid's "Descent into Chaos" (now translated and published in German as "Absturz ins Chaos"): The book gives a comprehensive analysis of the links between the Pakistan Secret Service and the Taliban. The reviewer appreciates in particular Rashid's strategies to curtail the Taliban. Read the review (in German)

Matthew Sinclair: The Problem with "The Spirit Level"

9. August 2010 Matthew Sinclair accuses the authors of "The Spirit Level" of several argumentative und methodical mistakes. In his essay published in Prospect magazine he particularly refers to Swedish surveys and the controversial book "The Spirit Level delusion" by Christopher Snowdon. Read the essay

John Kay: Review of The Spirit Level

10 August 2010 In a review for Financial Times, John Kay criticises the line of argumentation the authors of "The Spirit Level" have presented. The review

Interview of the German weekly die ZEIT with Tony Judt: We need an ethical view of the world

12 August 2010 In an interview with Jörg Lau for the German weekly die ZEIT, Tony Judt - shortly before his death - uttered severe criticism on the weakness of the European Union and on the current policies of Barack Obama, which he deems too similar to George W. Bush's at times. Read the interview (in German)

Response to the objections concerning "The Spirit Level" by Richard Wilkinson

9 August 2010 Richard Wilkinson, co-author of "The Spirit Level", replies elaborately to the criticism uttered in Prospect magazine. He explains the methodology of the survey and has his doubts about the academic reputation of Christopher Snowdon. The response

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