Dr. Steffen Jenner

Policy Fellow

Steffen Jenner is a policy advisor at the German Federal Ministry of Finance. As a policy fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum, he works on questions of energy, the economy, and political communication. Prior to working in government, Steffen studied in T├╝bingen, Arizona and at Harvard.

Selected Publications

Jenner, S.; Schmitz-Grethlein, F. & Uhlemann, A. (2017). "Das Stadtwerk der Zukunft." Berliner Republik 5/17.

Meckling, J. & Jenner, S. (2016). "Varieties of market-based policy: Instrument choice in climate policy." Environmental Politics Vol. 25 (5): 853-874.

Shrimali, G.; Chan, G.; Jenner, S.; Groba, F.; Indvik, J. (2015). "Evaluating Renewable Portfolio Standards for In-State Renewable Deployment." Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, 4 (2): 127-142.

Buhr, D.; Frankenberger, R.; Jenner, S. & Stoy, V. (2013). "Politik und Wirtschaft - eine Einf├╝hrung." Kohlhammer, Stuttgart.

Jenner, S. & Lamadrid, A. (2013). "Shale gas vs. coal." Energy Policy 53 (2): 442-453.



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