The European project has been profoundly progressive since its very beginning. European integration was not only our founding impetus, but also remains the guiding principle of our political work. We are convinced that only a strong European Union will ensure the peaceful coexistence of European nations and guarantee the ability of European states to act in an age of globalisation. Our projects at European level are strengthening an open-minded, social and sustainable Europe and developing impulses and ideas for the further development of the European project in the times of its biggest crisis so far.

Current Issues

Europe & the World Event #EuropeanTownHall Meeting in Madrid Fifth stop of the Dialogue on Europe
Event Date: 16 June 2016 | Madrid, Spain
Philipp Sälhoff | Viktoria Bechstein | Benedikt Weingärtner | Alban Genty
Photo: Das Progressive Zentrum/ Jacob Per Blut

After successful Town Hall Meetings in Athens, Lisbon, Rome and Marseilles the fifth and last event within the Dialogue on Europe took place in Madrid, on 16 June 2016. Once again representatives from civil society, NGOs, local initiatives, startups, think tanks, the cultural sector and from the media gathered to discuss the most pressing challenges Spain and Europe are currently facing and exchanged ideas about how to work towards a strengthened and progressive Europe.