The European Union is a profoundly progressive project. It not only ensures the peaceful coexistence of European nations and guarantees the ability for European states to act in an age of globalization, but is also an expression for the realization of a general high standard of living and tangible realization of opportunities for all people. All projects of Das Progressive Zentrum on European Policy are based on the idea of an open-minded, democratic and future-oriented Europe.

Current Issues

Europe & the World New think tank partners after the #EuropeanTownHall Meeting series
23 June 2016 | Dominic Schwickert

In the context of our transnational, civil society project “Dialogue on Europe” we are happy to announce new partnerships with five renowned think tanks from our project countries. Our new think tank partners supported us in organising the #EuropeanTownHall Meetings and have been contributing to the Opening Conference in Berlin.